APPLICATIONS VS APPLETS

A Mother in the morning wakes her baby up, prepare his breakfast , gets him ready for his school. Cooks the lunch and does the daily chores .If the baby ever gets sick , she take cares of him, nurses him. A mother never have to be told when her baby is hungry or when he needs her  care and love. She knows everything. As if she has been programmed by the Gods to do all these stuffs and she does them both elegantly and efficiently . The simple reason is that she is an Application designed by GOD.

 Similarly computer applications are designed by mortal coders to perform a certain set of tasks both elegantly and efficiently .An application when executed will perform all its task assigned without any kind of supervision or support.
Drawing a comparison we can say Mothers are but the best Divine Applications ever made.
A girlfriend is happy if you give her all the attention .Give her some expensive gifts , chocolates and she will shower love upon you. If you forget to send her a good night sms or be late in calling her then hell will break  upon you. Girlfriends  are thus Dynamic in nature , their mood changes according to the given inputs(viz: toffees , gifts or failing to send her a sweet sms ).
The same goes with Applets , they are dynamic .The applets behave depending on what the input is. Based on the type of user input they give different outputs sometime pleasant ,giving some pretty cool graphical images and sometimes unpleasant, showing you your gloomy bank statement.
 Thus the capricious  girlfriends can be compared with APPLETS. The girlsfriends are but THE MORTAL  APPLETS.

Mothers, they play bigger roles of managing the house .They have bigger responsibilities as well as possess greater knowhow of the world around them. Similarly the computer applications plays greater role of managing the various computer resources and have sound knowledge of the computer environment in which they work.
 Again here we  can draw similarity between Mothers and Applications.
Girlfriends!!! if theirs one person , about whom they are really concerned in this world it is about themselves. Sad but I bet girls will agree. They have little or no idea about the world outside their makeup box and mobile phones .Similarly the Applets are concerned with the specific task at hand and have practically no knowledge about the outside environment other than the applet enabled web browser in which they work. So here again we can State that Girlfriends are but Applets.
Mothers are eternal  they are not ephemeral .They will continue doing their task without complaining forever .The simple reason is that they love it , they love their kids and family. Similarly an application keeps on doing their tasks till they system is old enough to be discarded .They don’t complain .They are too are not transient but eternal. Thus again we can say Mothers are but Applications.

Girlfriends they are off-course transitory .They disappear as soon as they sense the amorous intension of their male counterpart or when their partners run out of money. Basically the girlfriends are short-lived. Just like them ,the Applets they come perform one task and just like that they end. Thus Girlfriends again can be referred to as Applets.

So what do you want an Application or an App.
:P :D


⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Very true...Good comparisons..

alka narula said...

hahahha...lovvvvveeee it...this post is proof that we areliving in the machine era...superbbbb....

deepazartz said...

Wonderfully written...:)
Thanks for your visit and kind comment:)

subhorup dasgupta said...

Funny comparison. Very well thought out and written. Don't know how well girlfriends will take it though.

saikat mbka ghosh said...

@Vallia thnx alot :)
@Alka : ha ha u r coorect , thnx :)
@deepazartz:pleasure is mine maam :)
@subhorup : ha ha i too dnt knw ..:P

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