My hairs don't flaunts funky spikes,
My fb status updates don’t get much likes;

I am dumb in studies and don’t get marks hi-fi ,
I have cell ordinary , that doesn’t support wi-fi;

Losers like me have very few pals,
Dated them in dreams: the beautiful gals;

I am no rockstar nor a machismo ,
thick lenses , unkempt hair defines my charishmo;

Future bleak , present turmoil and past rotten,
If i die, no one gonna cry, soon I will be forgotten;

But I am ,what I am and I wow to remain the same,
coz I am original ,not one with cosmetic fame and name,



Dee........ said...

Be original bro...
brilliantly said

saikat mbka ghosh said...

thanx deepak bhaiya :) u r one true inspiration bro :)

Ana_treek said...

Hahaha..super dude..the rhyming is amazing :)

saikat mbka ghosh said...

thnx a ton ana :)

Nitin Jain said...

most of us are with you Saikat :)

saikat mbka ghosh said...

lolz...yup thnx 4 visiting @Nitin Jain

Sudip Kr. Majee said...

awesome dude......

saikat mbka ghosh said...

thnku sudeep.........bhai :)

Kajal said...

sounds like my story. loved it.. crisp and meaningful.

saikat mbka ghosh said...

thnz aton kajal maam :)

Akshay Kumar G said...

Brilliantly written bro.

saikat mbka ghosh said...

@akshay thnx aton :)

Farah said...

nice one

saikat mbka ghosh said...

thnx farah ..:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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