The Place where Mughal-e-Azam played out……

The Place where Mughal-e-Azam played out……


Once upon a time there was brave prince by the name Salem . He was deeply in love with a beautiful princesses  Mehr-un-Nissa . However Salem’s father , the Emperor of  India, The Great Akbar didn’t approve of their love . Mehr-un-Nissa was the daughter of a low ranking minister in Akbar’s court . At the behest of the Emperor, Mehr-un-Nissa’s father got her married to Sher Afghan Khan, the then governor of Bihar under the Mughal empire. 
Prince Salem was devastated , he could not bear this loss . It was difficult for him to  forget his true love so he decided to follow Mehr-un-Nissa to Bihar . The place where Salem settled down in Bihar came to be known as Salempur . Soon Emperor Akbar got to know about it . A miffed Akbar decided to go to Bihar to  confront his errant son . He had a makeshift Palace built about 3km from the place where Salem was staying . This place came to be known as Akbarpur .  

Soon a war of words ensued between father and son and Salem was banished from the place.
After the passing away of Akbar, Prince Salem ascended the Throne and became the Emperor of India : Jahangir . Coincidentally Sher Afghan khan too passed away shortly for reasons little known. After a period of three years since the passing away of her husband Mehr-un-Nissa  finally married the Emperor Jahangir and became Noor-Jahan.

The village where we went for our Village Fieldwork Segment (part of PGDRM curriculum at Institute of Rural Management, Anand )   was the place where prince Salem stayed . Now this place is known as Raja-Dih urf Salempur  , the revenue map of this village  still bears the name Salempur . There are remnant of the ruins of old structures to the west of the village which the villagers believes to be the mound of the remnants of settlements of the Prince and hence the name Raja-Dih. (Dih means mound ).

The present day Katra block which is 3 km from the village Raja-Dih urf Salempur  was the erstwhile Akbarpur . The revenue map of Katra still bears the name Akbarpur.

[PS: Village Fieldwork Segment , is a two month fieldwork segment where we need to stay in a village and understand the rural life and identify the challenges and opportunities that exist there. We also undertake the study of any government intervention and its impact on the village life.This part of our rural management course at Institute of Rural Management Anand.]


Foundation Of Life

In school we have been taught about the various laws and principles of sciences/commerce.We have all burned the midnight lamp to mug those principles to get good marks in exams, to get admission into good colleges after school and then good jobs there after .We are used to leading life were the rich and the powerful are revered , where good marks correspond to good students and the very notion of being a Good Human is being a Man of Success.
Ask your inner self is it right to call a man of success a good human or to revere them ? What about men of principles ?How many of you have laid the very foundation of your life upon certain principles  which like rock solid pillars have supported you ?
The very reason that all of us a committing blunders(hurting dearones,getting subjected to depressions, lack of peace , hurting health, failing in relationships etc) on a daily basis is that we have not taken the burden to lay the foundation of our lives upon principles.There so much chaos inside us , but we turn a blind eye , we are either to lazy to address it or too busy with OUR so called LIVES .

I have taken the pain to address this issue once and for all .I have identified five principle upon which I will lay the foundation of my life from now on .I am all but 21 and hope to spend the next 40 years in this planet so i have taken special care to make my foundation rock solid .
Here are the five principle that will make up the foundation of my life:

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I invite you all  infact I request you all to please please take out some time and identify certain principles that you gonna follow always and make them your life's foundation upon which you will build the PALACE called LIFE.

You will get success , everyone is successful at one point of their lives but very few are successful all through their lives the reason is they don't have a strong foundation.




Its my attempt to merge two beautiful words into one
THE Above is word merge of two most beautiful words MAA and LOVE , read carefully in the picture

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Wisdom Cards

Wisdom Card

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ServiceSpace is a lovely non profit organization  founded by Nipun Mehta .Its mission is helping each other making this planet a better place to live.Please do visit its various initiatives :

Ravages Of Time

Ravages Of Time 

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