TWO MORE HOURs - for sleep ,for more sleep and for even more sleeeeeeeep............. :P :D

I am a student , pursuing my B-tech in computers from a lesser known college in West Bengal.So what huh, i am as busy and as talented like any of  my peers in the coveted  IIT's , i guarantee it :P.
I wake up everyday at 6.30 am sharp , go for a jogging for half an hour , come back and open my lappy to check any new emails from various sources ranging from to , check my fb account , my twitter account , google+ etc and finally then open my blog to see if any of my post got a new comment, sadly my posts don't get much though .
By 9am i get ready for my college which starts at about 9.30 am . For the next five hours i do practically nothing except for stalking at the some of the otherwise scarce beautiful girls of my class or sitting in the canteen discussing about broken relationships, first year girls , attitude of girls (i don't know y we do it, but we just like criticizing girls based on attitude), sometimes cricket and seldom politics and most importantly our discussion always eludes anything closely related to STUDIES :P :D  .
Coming from college and after the afternoon or best lets call it the 3'oclock lunch (always )we engage ourselves for the next two hours into some serious playing mode with five lappy's connected by LAN and playing the epic counterstrike or the Most Wanted . After the ritual of 5'oclock smoking in the open air under the shades of the gulmohar tree we play cricket or racket for another one hour and then return to our dungeons to do some daily chores which we all unanimously hate to do.This includes washing our college cloths( the part we hate most), cleaning our rooms , going out to buy biscuits,stationary and others stuff of daily survival. Exhausted we have our dinner at 10'oclock.
By then i really feel sleepy ,really really sleepy  but i cannot :'( , i simply cannot .I have assignments to complete and projects to do.This continues till as long as 2 am the next day.
Imagine I sleep for just 4.30 hours, just 4.30 hours huh ....thats the reason i said if i get Two More Hours I would like to sleep and sleep and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp ...i am so tired and famished i need TWO HOURS more of SLEEP. :P :D :)

[the above mentioned  post is about the surf excel challenge in the indi-blogger forum , the topic was how do we plan spend two extra hours..if we get it ..]


Anonymous said...

hey nice routine....i do agree with you because my friends in my college from boys hostel had the same routine.....twas just a flashback of my college days which finished 6 months back.

Anonymous said...

@trupty : thanx

Indian Citizen Ranting said...

Hostel life and the times spent. Awesome.

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