Well we are going to learn how to fool a virus and remove it without an antivirus. 

If you connect your pen drive, usb drive or flash disk to any virus infected system then your pen drive gets infected. It is the file autorun.inf that makes the virus execute every time you connect your pen drive.
When you try to delete the file manually or with an antivirus program the virus regenerate the autorun.inf (.inf = information) file.

How to restrict the virus to generate any file?

Reboot your computer in safe mode.
Well, create a folder on the desktop named autorun.inf.
Go to the properties of the folder > General tab enable the check boxes: Hidden, Read Only.
Now delete the autorun.inf file form your pen drive and quickly copy and paste the folder you’ve created.
Now the file autorun.inf will be restricted until you delete the folder.
The above step makes the virus deactivate, but the virus isn’t removed yet.

Sometimes, if your antivirus program even though it is updated, is not able to remove the virus. Or it detects and tries to remove the virus. But, the virus regenerates itself. Now a simple process is to create a folder as described above and name it same as the name of the virus
e.g. Notepad.exe, VirusCleaner.vbe etc.


(i am not the original author of this article i got it from somewhere in the net.)


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