Have you ever wondered of watching two videos together in Youtube simultaneously ?
Yes it is possible to watch two videos together in Youtube simultaneously.
All you have to do is follow the steps below:
1)goto   now select the two video's you would love to watch together.
for this 1st select one video say "here i am -by byran adams" copy the video's link from the address bar by pressing -f6 and save it in notepad.  Then select the 2nd video say "in the end-linkin park "again copy the video's link from the address bar and save it in notepad. now

2)there's a site that allow you to watch these two videos simultaneously  :
goto this site and paste the link of the two videos you would like to watch and simply click the double up option thats all.See the picture below for details:


Ruth Tyger said...

WOW, that is different. Thanks for sharing this one!

Ray said...

Your writing is very good and helpful and far better than mine.

Unknown said...

@Ruth Tyger and @Ray :thanx alot both keep visiting my blog and give ur suggestions and nxt time also plz leave behind your blog's link here..thanx

Gourav @ BlogLiving said...

Hi Saikat,

I just went through your blog completely and saw that you have got some nice tips out of which this post and "searching google with intelligence" is the best one.

Would like to see more from you. :)

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