[kids in asansol railway Station]

Today is children's day.
Though am twenty and most of my friends no longer consider themselves children , as they prefer being regarded as adults .They have girlfriends and some sort of social reputation of being studs and hulk ..blah blah..so basically they are no longer kids.But though being in the third year of my engineering , i still regard myself as a child and love being wished Happy Children's Day by my Mom and Dad , which they did today in the morning :) .
Today in the morning while reading the Times of India , my eyes caught the sight of an article which said "NGO celebrated Children's Day with Urchins ". All of a sudden realization dawn upon me that I too can do something for these lesser fortunate counterparts on the eve of children's Day.
I went to college as usual and then got my friend Rishi , told him about my plan of distributing toffees and biscuits among the urchins around the Asansol(west bengal) bus stand and in the Asansol Railway station .
So after giving my internal exam, that we had today , I and Rishi set out for our endeavor .
Reached bus stand and distributed toffees to all kids , whether they were cleaning utensils or selling balloons or selling tea or working in a pan shop or some roadside hotel.These children were at first surprised when they saw us giving them Toffees , but they gave a heart relishing smile :) when they took those toffees from us.Their smile were like...i cannot put them in words..priceless , their eyes so intriguing , their bodies so fragile yet their smile really priceless.
Then we went to the Railway station .There we gave away toffees and biscuits to urchins , kids selling newspaper , kids doing shoe polish , selling tea , sweeping the floors of the railway platform. They too graciously accepted our toffees and biscuits .
It was a truly fulfilling experience for me and Rishi . Am not gonna forget this day.
Happy Children's Day......................


magiceye said...

kudos to you guys! way to go!

Anonymous said...

thnx magiceye

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