"Exam why do you come time and again,
With you , you bring tension , agony and pain ;

What joy , does it gives you , seeing us suffer,
With every passing exam ,our life gets tougher;

Please i beg you , go away from our lives,
Come back never or you will get our jibes;

Leave us in peace and in merry,
I promise you exam no gonna miss you very . "

I am writing it today and tomorrow i have my circuit theory paper :P :D


Saru Singhal said...

Too good, you brought back those old memories. Thank God I am done with it...

Great Ode!

Unknown said...

thnx Saru :)

LeoPaw said...

wow! Nice one on exams. Well, I love to write exams.
By writing it, I discovered India. Not in the true sense. Just that they give me different centre everytime. I study or not, I make it a point to tour around that place. Is n't that a valid reason to love exams?
Best wishes...

Aakash @ Love poems said...

Good one, enjoyed reading it :D
You expressed all your worries about tomorrows paper in this poem itself. I hope you will clear the exam. Best Wishes, great poem :)

Unknown said...

@LEO AND @AAKASH thnx both and yup @LEO i agree if exam were fun as in your case touring den we can have dem..:D
@Aaakash my paper was abt fine i hope too clear it , if the teacher had given me good internal marks...or if the paper is checked leniently . :P :D , GOD BLESS

Madhulika said...

Hahaha.. I can understand the pain... I completed my 7th semester exam yesterday itself :)
BTW.. thanks a lot for stopping by my blog.. It means a lot to me... hope to stay connected :)

Unknown said...

@Madhulika : thnx.. :) ek student hi student ka dard samaj sakhta hein :P :D

joshi daniel said...

hehehe hard life!

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