There's no land so beautiful and idyll as thee ,
The Aravallis , the nilgiris and the mighty Himalayas are thy glory ;
Yamuna , Ganga , Naramada and Brahmaputra satisfy your thirst ,
Our hearty oblation for you , my Mother comes first ;

The Aryans ,the Lodhis , the Mughals , the English have ruled thee ,
But none was able to capture your spirit ,as a falcon it remained free ;
Brave sons you had in the Rajputs , the Marathas and the Sultans ,
Courageously fighting  the enemies in Delhi, Bengal, Lucknow and Multan ;

The Buddha, The Mahavira , The Gandhi were all born your son ,
Non Violence and brotherhood as weapon , many battles they won ;
The Hindus ,the Muslim , the Jain , the Christain are all but one,
You embraced with love all your sons and estranged none ;

O'Mother you have given us identity,hope,love and so many,
You are the creator and the preserver of our destiny;
I am proud to be your beloved son and I take a vow ,
That i will serve you forever , before you O'Mother I bow ;


------ by saikatmbka

dedicated to All Indians on the eve of the centenary celebration of our NATIONAL ANTHEM JANA GANA MANA

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Anonymous said...

its really nice

Shashiprakash Saini said...

very nice

jai hai jai hai jai hai

zephyr said...

A fitting ode on the eve of Republic Day. Jai Hind!

Arun Kumar said...

Really great. Your verses might make every Indian proud. Happy Republic Day.

anatreek said...

When I saw the title of the post, i was like what!..Nicely written though :)

Inaam Duggal said...

Amazing words composition, make it best writing piece. SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
♡ed it.....✾◕‿◕✾

alka narula said...

very well penned Saikat,loved it and thank you soooo much for your valuable comment on my blog

Seema said...

beautiful words Saikat.....HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY.

Chapters From My Life said...

Beautiful poetry to go with the mood of our republic day.. Happy Republic day to you.

Ayan Das said...

beautiful poetry
Happy Republic Day to you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

u r a super man

Unknown said...

reading this post gave me goosebumps...very nice:)

Saru Singhal said...

Great work Saikat...Proud of you:)

Aami said...

Nice poetry... good one... Proud to be an Indian!!

Unknown said...

@chirag:thnx alot :)
@shahsiprakash :Jai Hind
@zephyr :Jai Hind

Unknown said...

@arun @duggal sir @Anna : thnx alot :) JAI HIND

Aakash Kokz said...

Wonderfully written, every Indian should read it .. Jai Hind!

Unknown said...

@seema @Saru @farila @Aakash @Alka and all thnx alot JAI HIND :)
and @Ayan u too buddy :)

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