EVIL AND GOOD : 
                  TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN

Vicious in my nature ,scary and ugly in my looks,
Omnipotent and ubiquitous ,I am the guardian of the crooks;
Invincible and indomitable , the mortals calls me THE EVIL,
All bow before my whims , I am the creation of THE dEVIL;

My nature is splendid as the Sun and serene as the moon,
Evil may rise time and again , only to be clobbered by me soon;
Ignoring me at first , the hapless mortals seek my refuge finally,
Like a valiant warrior I rise up every time to destroy the vile Evil totally; 



Dee.. said...

Yin Yang :) Nice post bro !

anatreek said...

the first para reminded me of kancha! :D

Unknown said...

@Deepka and @Anna thnx aton..@anna ha ha Agnipath :)

Unknown said...

this was amazing saikat...loved it....i love the realism in evry single post of yours...love it

Unknown said...

@alka : thnx alot maam..its really encouraging for me....

StylishByNature said...

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