To Err is human and also the path to enlightenment,
Making you wiser, leading to bigger fulfillment ;

Suffering only purify my soul ignorant,
Making me mature , through my heart innocent;

I learn from my mistakes, the path to epiphany ,
Falling down to get up and realize my destiny;

I may not be born great , but my wisdom shall guide,
In my quest  to triumph over  the  time and tide;

I will triumph over time and tide.



D said...

You always rock with poems and lines :)
A wise post

Unknown said...

thnx Deepak :)

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Inspiring compilation of words and images. A good start for my day. Thanks, Saikat.

AmitAag said...

Nice post Saikat!

Unknown said...

@suborup,@shanoj,@Amit : thnx all :)

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