Laugh at those little things, with all your heart,
 Be it a silly prank or be it just a stupid fart;
Drench yourself completely in that October rain,
Just dance ,forgetting all those sufferings and pain;

Give a warm hug to that janitor,driver,milkman or maid ,
act of kindness is more than a thousand words said;
Our lives are complete , because of their service selfless,
No job is great or small ,all are momentous ,none useless;

Stop for a while and think about that 1st best friend,
For you to smile,lion,monkey or horse he would pretend;
those brio long rides under the moon in his bike behind,
with that same love,he waits for his lost friend to find;

life is special, if you give value to things little,
hatred,lust,greed,fear only makes its beauty brittle;
for all ,fill your heart completely with love divine ,
with good hope and love help our life enshrine;

Our lives be lead blissfully,
just keep it simple silly(KISS)


Take this opportunity to thank all those friends , strangers and above all our parents who have made our life better.They are our true VALENTINES.


Seema said...

very sweet poem Saikat...Happy Valentines Day

D said...

YOu rock always with poems and words :)
great one at right time !

Unknown said...

thnx Seema and DEepak ..happy valentine day to both of u :)

Unknown said...

nice one :)happy valentines day.

Unknown said...

thnx Alka :)
HAppy Valentine Day

Nitin Jain said...

nice style...and lovely meaningful poem Saikat.

Zach said...

Nice one and you have incorporated docomo tagline superbly. happy valentines day to you too :)

Unknown said...

@Nitin and @Zach : happy val day ..nd thnku :)
@Zach:yup d docomo tagline :)

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