THE RACE (55 fiction)

                                                      THE RACE

This is  my first 55 fiction post , am no good in writing  stories , yet let me give it a shot , here it goes :) :)

"They were both hungry . They were both naked . They both looked indigent.
They were both too week to run.But still they ran as fast as their legs could carry ,
towards that food packet lying near the dust bin .
The dog wins the race and gets its prize, the urchin pants haplessly in despair."


Dee........ said...

good attempt bro !
interesting beginning

Maliny said...

hey that was pretty good ! 55 fiction is addictive . . looking forward to your next one..soon ;)

Unknown said...

@Deepak : thnx bro , its you who started this lovely thing of 55 fiction :)
@maliny : thnx ,sure i would try :)

Kajal said...

wow ! wonder why I didn't discover this blog earlier. very inspiring.
Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

Unknown said...

Thanx Kalal pleasure entirely mine , keep visiting........and i dnt have to say this but still u 2 r a grt blogger..thnx for visiting :) cheers

vanderloost said...

This is the nicest that I have read these kind of stories so far.

Unknown said...

@vanderloost : thnku :)

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