We humans like pictorial representation of anything starting from the diagrammatic representation of complex   chemical equations or biological structures to cricket stats to pie chart of our yearly performance.The reason being pictures present the flaccid texts in a tantalizing manner , it becomes easier to understand and remember.
 INFOGRAPHIC does exactly the same thing , it represents information viz raw stats , numbers , data in a very lucid and yet embellishing way serving an eye candy for the viewers .

The following is a INFOGRAPHIC illustrating the might of INTERNET:

to view properly kindly download it and enlarge :)

source:internet (mashable)


Dee said...

Informative one !
Never heard it before :)
TY for sharing.

Kinara :) said...

I 2nd Dee!
Totally agreed, Informative!
And a very advantageous way of sharing information!
Thanks a lot!:)

Unknown said...

@DEE nd @Kinara : thnx aton

Madhulika said...

Thanks for sharing :)
Nice and informative :)

Unknown said...

thnx for the info bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

thnx aton, madhulika

Unknown said...

@rohit : hmmmmmmm :)

Anonymous said...

nice post

Thanks & Regard
Trading Computers

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