remenber this is educational and i shall be not held responsible for anymiss use of these tips.
Pendrive virus:
Virus can be of anytype .It can be very destructive or less destructive it depends.But all virus have one thing in common the mostly come in autorun format ie. once you insert the pendrive into your system the virus file gets autoruned and your system gets affected instantly.
 Here's an example:

Consider the following batch file
This batch file can shutdown your system in 5 secs once you insert the pendrive into your system.
Here's the code for the batch file:

write it down innotepad the following code and save it as virus.bat in your pendrive:

shutdown -s -t 5    (There is spaces between -s & -t & 5)

now open another notepad and write down the following code(this code is to autorun the batch file you have created above when you insert the pendrive)



(note you can give any name to your batch file but remember to give the same name in the autorun command)

now save it as autorun.inf  in your pendrive.

Now once you insert this pendrive again in your system or your friends then the autorun.inf file will activate the virus.bat file and it will immidiately run the shutdown command and the system will shutdown within 5 secs.

this is really dangerous and harmfull too. The above was a simple batch file but if someone creates some other types of dangerous file that can harm your computer then just thing what will happen.

So here i am with asimple and effective tip to protect your computers from pendrive viruses.

THis tip is to disable the autorun file in the infected pendrive(if autorun is disabled the offcourse the malicious file wont be autoruned)

these are the  steps to disable autorun of anyexternal decive in your system:

go to start> run> type gpedit.msc
Now from Computer configuration click administrative templates> system
there at the right pane look for "turn off autoplay".
See that its set as not configured.
select enabled and then select 'all drives'.

this will secure your system.

thats all folks. Happy Diwali.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, it will help me; both in creating a virus and also protecting mines

Unknown said...

thanx buddy..plz keep visit my blog and give in your valueable suggestion...always ....

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