Blank Status Update of Facebook and Google +

How To Create Blank Status Update For Facebook And Google +

I know its a bit silly and naive , but its real fun to update a blank status in facebook or google + .Its simply amazes your friends and also helps you to tell your friends that its a blank peroid right now in your life :P , LOL.
Try out this trick :
1.How to Update Empty Status in Facebook

Facebook is very popular social network and million of user uses this giant social network.Every time when you update Facebook status you write anything in it and you can't update empty status by using Space key because face-book does not count space.So how to post empty status, just be with me you can easily post empty status on face-book and shock your friends on Facebook.
There are three ways to Empty Status:

    1)You need to hold down ALT key and then type 0173 in status update field and now click on enter or update your status
    2)Just type 0 and post your status.
    3)just post this in your status ”@[0:0: ]”{without quotes}.

2.How to update blank Status in Google+

There are two ways to do this :
1)give a space and then delete the space using backspace and then hit share.
2)press alt and press 0160 together and then delete using backspace and then shit share(both the methods are actually same :P )

hope you all enjoy :)


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