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The Innovator : Steven Paul Jobs

Innovation distinguishes a Leader from the Followers

Some people live , some people dream and some very few "INNOVATES" that helps people live and dream , one such great mind off all times was Steven Paul Jobs.

The Ody

Steve Jobs needs no introduction .He is the person who made the impossible possible .At a time when people said why do we need computers in offices , Jobs with Wozniak brought Personal computers to people's desktop creating an era of PCs , the year was 1976.
The Apple Computers that started in the year 1976 in the garage of Steve jobs , after selling his van , calculator and other stuffs which amounted to some 1200 dollars , within a span of 10 years catapulted to a 2 billion dollar company under Jobs leadership.
This nascent company posed a threat to the giant IBM. Apple computers were a huge success .They were cheap and portable and graphical equipped.
Jobs became billionaire at such a young age and headed a promising computing company . But sadly he got fired from the very company he started by the incompetent board of directors of Apple.
A devastated Jobs thought of running away from the valley.But he didn't do it.He showed true character and by the dint of his merit and mettle he started another company NEXT , he also started a computer animation company Pixar .Pixar was the first company in the world to make a computer animated movie :TOY STORY.
Next computer was used by the developers of the world wide web.
In the year 1996 Apple bought Next and Steve Jobs was made the CEO and finally the czar returned to his palace and revolutionized the digital world with a series of path-breaking gadgets: ipod , iphones , imac , ipad .
Steve Jobs was not just a geek a truly original designer , a maverick of the highest class , a great presenter , a champion marketer , a great leader who made Apple the second most valuable Company in the US market and the most valuable
technological company of the world.


Three inspiring stories of his life:

1)BIRTH :Steven Paul Jobs was adopted .His biological mother was an unwed college under grad. His Foster parents had never been to college and wanted Jobs to goto college.Jobs did goto to college but dropout within six months , because it didn't interest him and also he felt bad that he was wasting his parents hard earned money .
After droping out of college Jobs started droping in for courses that interested him like calligraphy .It is this tryst with calligraphy which greatly inspired Jobs , that made him develop Macintosh PC with beautiful typography .In some way it was because of Jobs that all personal computers today have beautiful fonts as Job himself say that since windows copied MAC , all the pc today actually have typography because of the Macintosh Jobs developed.

When in college years Jobs didn't knew how that calligraphy class might help him , or what could be its practical application , yet these thoughts didn't disturb him as he loved what he did.Ten years later when they were developing the MAC it all came back to him and all became crystal clear to Jobs.

According to Jobs :
You can never connect the dots looking forward , but you can looking backwards.Trust what you love doing , somehow your heart knows what you want and eventually things falls in place .

2)Loss and Love: Steve Jobs was fired from the very company he started after the company's new president who was handpicked by Steve himself convinced the board of directors of the incompetency of Jobs .That man was John Sculley , former Pepsi head.
After leaving Apple , Jobs begin a period of introspection and discovered that he has nothing to loose as he did always what he loved doing. That's when he once again pursued his dream of creating new things. He started a computer company called Next and another Animation company PIXAR. Both of these wonderful companies would have never been reality if JOBS hadn't been fired .
According to jobs:
The heaviness of being successful is lighten by failure , as it gives you and opportunity to start over again as a beginner.
According to Jobs being fired from apple was the best thing that had happened to him.

3)Stay Hungry Stay Foolish :
Steve jobs always wanted us all to be ourselves and not to be someone else.
We should always live our dreams and not someone else dream.
If you really want to enjoy your life don't settle before you get what you truly love , be it in life or be it in career don't settle unless you find your true love -steve jobs.

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”
For more of his inspirational quotes click the link below:

RIP the great the SOUL

watch a truly inspiring video of Steve Jobs : VIDEO


Nisheeth said...

Wonderfully compiled articles... Indeed Steve Jobs was a great visionary and leader. His contribution to technology will always be remembered.

Here is a compilation of great inspirational quotes by steve jobs:

Unknown said...

@nisheeth thnx ...and a grt blog too

Saru Singhal said...

Great tribute to a man who changed the way technology is perceived. May he rest in peace!

Unknown said...

@saru singhal thnx , truly a grt loss

Shreya said...

Nice post. Yea Steve's death is a great loss to technology. RIP Steve.

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