The Exam


I am sitting in the exam hall ,
staring blankly at the white wall ;
With a  question paper, black and white,
but sadly i don't know what to write ;
I try to peep into my friend's answer sheet ,
the teacher says ," how dare you try to cheat ";
Like a dork i sit stalking at the girl in the 1st row ,
her sensual smile if only can lessen my pertinent sorrow ;
Half an hour have passed and my paper still is blank,
wandering who ever conceived the idea of exams must have been a big crank;
Finally i got up and my blank paper i submitted ,
I will surely study the next time , i said in my mind committed. :) :D
---by saikat mbka
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Unknown said...

Frnd, am also like you. Managing 3 hours in exam is like facing wars without weapons,,,

Unknown said...

@Dency ....: he he u r absolutely right :)

Unknown said...

Yes, am too facing tht knw,,
one Student's dificulties r easily understnd by other student,,,

Sujatha Sathya said...

this sure is a nice one on an usual topic like exam

Anonymous said...

@sujatha and @dency thnx both

Saru Singhal said...

I felt like that a lot of times, this seems to be a sequel of the earlier poem:)

Too Good!!!

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