MY ANGEL

Get Up ,Get up Beta , you are Late,
5 more mins Mumma , d bus can wait;
Beta u will miss d bus and have to rush,
Mumma wheres d toothpaste, wheres the brush;

Drink d milk beta or u will grow weak ,
Mumma u knw i hate it! its smells make me sick;
Don't play pranks listen 2 your teacher,
Bye Mumma, stop acting like a preacher;

Wash your hand nd hav your lunch ,
Did u make chicken Mumma? I hav a hunch ;
Cmplete your homework before going out to play,
2day finals Mumma,plz let me go,I always listen to what u say;

Enough of TV, its time for bed,
2mins Mumma ,hav completed the chapter u hav said;
Beta tomorrow again u will get late, why u always fight,
Ok u win Mumma,just wanna say LOVE U good nite;

East or West Mumma izz BEST 

----by saikatmbka

Dedicated to the worlds most beautiful person my MOM :)


Navin Mathew said...


Unknown said...

thnku Navin :)

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

Very sweet..Eest or west Mamma is best.:-)Mother's day wishes to your mom..:-)

Dee.. said...

you rock bro !

Unknown said...

@Utopia thnx aton.........@dee: yup bro....thnz alot but we r missing d BLOGGER guru :)

Anonymous said...

Though earlier commenters have said the same thing, I have to repeat it. Very touching. Your love and pride is so well conveyed.

Uma Anandane said...

Lovable and True lines.I love it!

Unknown said...

@subhorup and @uma thnx aton..yup mammu izz best :)

D.Nambiar said...

You make me smile. I hope your mother had a happy mother's day. Some time back I'd done a post on how despised mothers must be to little ones, for all the rules and regulations, the instructions...
If you'd like to read it,

Unknown said...

@D.Nambiar thnx for visiting and for such lovely comments :)

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